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The Magnum PMS is fundamentally based on each client’s risk appetite and the prevailing market scenario. Through this offering, we work as our clients’ financial partners. Our approach involves picking 20-25 quality stocks from various sectors to achieve diversification and spread risk in the portfolio. These stocks make it to the portfolio after intense research and analysis of the company by our expert research team. Subsequently, the stocks are constantly monitored to determine their potential against current valuation, and necessary changes are made to the portfolio to maintain a healthy mix.

Magnum PMS comprises of four strategies that are customized to meet desired returns based on our clients’ risk appetite

Wealth Creator
Investing in Blue Chip stocks to achieve long-term stability in the portfolio
Mid-Cap Gems
Investing in Mid-Cap and Small Cap companies to take advantage of big movements
Value Opportunity
Investing in the cheapest stocks and holding them for a long-term till market upswing
Dynamic Alpha
Investing in Blue Chip stocks to achieve long-term stability in the portfolio

Features & Advantages


Offers efficient switch between cash & equities. The portfolio is managed with the objective of performing consistently in the long-term while controlling risks.

Hassle-free Operations

Services offered are customised to meet the clients’ expectations, taking care of all administrative aspects with periodic reporting


Regular statements and updates are given to clients. With web access, all investment information is just a click away

Customised Advice

Advice is given after thorough understanding of the clients’ investment goals and appetite for risk

Easy Access

Dedicated Relationship Managers / Financial Advisors who help interact with Fund Managers to discuss concerns and send feedback on the portfolio

Updated Records

The portfolio manager provides an audited account statement at the end of the financial year which helps clients assess tax liabilities and capital gains on their portfolio

Portfolio Management service to be launched shortly.

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